The Ubyssey: Leaked docs show how UBC grades its broad-based admissions essays

Undergraduate Admissions / UBC
Undergraduate Admissions / UBC

The Ubyssey has pursued UBC’s rubrics for how broad-based admissions are graded for the past four years. Now, provided by a person with access to the document, we have the version that UBC used in 2016 to grade applications. (More)


The Ubyssey: ‘Struggling to stay afloat’: T-Birds feel left behind by UBC Athletics’ football-first strategy

A FOIA request I filed found that UBC spent over $50,000 promoting football, while other teams go without full-time coaches and basic equipment. (More)


National Post: Why spinning hobbies — like Dungeons & Dragons — into dollars is the new side-hustle

My cover story for the Weekend Post dug into the phenomenon of people making a career out of D&D. I interviewed three of them — the grassroots entrepreneur, the expansionist and the superstar. (More)


National Post: Alberta school board cuts ties with Christian academy over human rights concerns

Battle River School Division

For a month, I stuck with a story in a tiny Alberta hamlet that saw school officials flinging around accusations of human rights abuses, bullying and stifling of religious freedoms. (More)


National Post: How Nashville’s consolation-prize sports team turned the city into an unlikely hockey hotbed 

Frederick Breedon / Getty Images

As the Nashville Predators prepared to enter their first-ever Stanley Cup Final, I took a look at the forces that created a hockey-crazed city deep in NASCAR country. (More)


The Ubyssey: Fact-checking Kevin O’Leary’s UBC visit

Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

Then-Conservative leadership hopeful Kevin O’Leary came to UBC to talk to students, making a few false claims along the way. (More)


The Ubyssey: How much are student union execs paid across Canada?

Amy O'Kruk, Jordan McGavin and Daniel Bodden / The Western Gazette
Amy O’Kruk, Jordan McGavin and Daniel Bodden / The Western Gazette

I led a months-long investigation into how much student executives are paid, how many students they represent, who pays the highest fees, and whether the execs feel that their compensation is fair. (More)


The Ubyssey: AMS restructuring cuts over 24 years of managerial experience

Aiken Lao / The Ubyssey
Aiken Lao / The Ubyssey

Student union execs restructured the society at the end of their 2015/16 term, based on more than two years of planning and an independent review. So why did this year’s team do it again? (More)


CBC: Scientists say aquarium ban on cetaceans ‘banning research’ crucial to endangered animals

Scientists are not happy in the wake of the Vancouver Aquarium’s decision to ban cetaceans. (More)