It’s pronounced “HOW-in.”

I have a knack for making millennials care about things they usually don’t. I’ve worked full-time at The Ubyssey for the past four years, which I parlayed into a gig at CBC Vancouver, then the National Post. There, I cover a little bit of everything, including small-town freedom of religion spats, hot NHL takes, and horrifying RCMP inventions.

I also write for the Syrup Trap, Canada’s favourite humour magazine.

After spending a year as sports editor at The Ubyssey, then running the opinions and blog sections, I served as coordinating editor, which meant I somehow spent even more time in the office than I did before. It also freed me up to fact-check Kevin O’Leary, lead a nation-wide investigation into student union executive salaries, dig into UBC’s student union’s constant image issues, and start our Reddit and Snapchat accounts.

If you have a cool pitch, I love you, and my contact information is on the right.