It’s pronounced “HOW-in.”

Hello, I’m Jack.

I’ve spent past five years at Canada’s best J school, The Ubyssey, where I broke stories about confidential grading schemes, 20-somethings firing their own oversight and student union execs blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a party. Here’s everything I’ve written for the greatest student paper in the world.

I parlayed my shit disturbing into a part-time gig at CBC Vancouver, then a four-month internship at the National Post, where I covered a little bit of everything, including the implosion of Rebel Media, RCMP rights abuses, a weird amount about free speech, and donut mysteries. Here are all my Post stories.

When it was alive I also wrote for the Syrup Trap, Canada’s favourite humour magazine.

From May to September I’ll be at the Globe and Mail for their summer program.

If you make the hiring decisions at a newspaper, I love you, and my contact information is on the right.